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Zachary Foster

    Position: Graduate Student
    Title: 6th-year Ph.D. student
    Office: Jones Hall

    My dissertation examines the history of the name Palestine, history and geography books written about it, maps made of it, and people who identified with it.  Most of all I'm interested in why people began to think of themselves as Palestinian in the early 20th century.

    The First World War has been an ongoing side project.  My paper on the 1915 locust attack in Syria and Palestine won the MESA graduate student paper prize in 2012.

    I’m currently editing and translating the 18th-century diary of Yusuf Jahshan, from Ramla, Palestine.

    I occasionally blog, tweet and snap about maps of Palestine.  Everyone knows maps of Palestine are best consumed when they self-destruct after ten seconds.

    I also work at  All my academic work can be found there.


    “Was Jerusalem Part of Palestine? The Forgotten City of Ramla, 900–1900,” British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (2016)

    "The 1915 Locust Attack in Syria and Palestine and its Role in the Famine During the First World War," Middle Eastern Studies 51( 3) (2015): 370–394

    "The Diary of Sami Yengin: The End of Ottoman Rule in Syria" Jerusalem Quarterly 56/57 (2013/2014): 78–94

    "Arabness, Turkey and the Palestinian National Imagination in the Eyes of Mir’at al-Sharq 1919-1926," Jerusalem Quarterly 42 (2010): 61–79