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Fuchs, "Religious Government and Human Rights"

                                                                                                                                                                                     Fuchs, Simon W., translator. Ḥoseyn ʿAlī Montaẓarī. “Religious Government and Human Rights (Ḥokūmat-e dīnī va ḥoqūq-e ensān).” Die Welt des Islams 52 (2012): 69–102.
This is a translation of Montaẓarī’s discussion of the equality of all human beings within the boundaries of the shārīʿa. Montaẓarī extensively deals with questions relating to gender, apostasy, and transgressions of the divine law, advocating a rather restricted role of the religious government in commanding right and forbidding wrong. It covers pages 114–55 of the 1386 (2007/08) edition published by Sarāʾī in Tehran.