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Welcome to the New Media Center

The New Media Center (NMC) provides a fully staffed multimedia laboratory for the university community to access cutting-edge digital media technologies and receive instruction or assistance in their uses.

The NMC has been a focal point for online and offline multimedia content creation at Princeton since 1994. During weekday afternoons our doors are open to Princeton faculty, staff, and students, who would like to enhance their academic projects or simply create and edit digital content.

The New Media Center offers one-on-one assistance and training in hardware and software. We provide one to two hour training for small classes (under 30 students) in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Final Cut Pro. 

We have recently begun a free digitization service for faculty & staff who have analog media they would like to use for teaching or research. We will convert 35 mm slides, vinyl records, audio cassettes, VHS tapes and a variety of photographic film formats.  Contact Paula Brett at 258-6009 or

NMC Weekly news

I thought I’d look into because we’ve had several requests at the NMC for students/lecturers who need to hold a video interview with a hiring company/college/university that is not within driving distance.
I’ve suggested using MSN Messenger, AIM or even Skype. It seemed some requestors did not feel comfortable installing new software onto their systems. I had heard of Tinychat and suggested it once. Let’s get testing.
You can use Twitter or Facebook acc
We recently had a client who had several .MTS files on an SDHC card that he wanted to convert to the .MP4 format and make available via his Blackboard course site.  Final Cut Pro can read these files as can the freeware VLC Media Player and MPEG Streamclip.  However neither VLC nor Mpeg could actually convert the files (they claim it, but we’ve tested it).
Rather than forcing the client to have to import to Final Cut Pro, export/convert, we found iSky

Semester Hours

Mon - Fri  
11 a.m. - 11 p.m.
1 p.m. - 11 p.m.

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