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YadeX is another program used for ripping and to decrpyt DVD movies to the harddisk so they are able to be backed up and later prepared for burning DVD's with additional software. This tool was developed to extract the contents of a non-commercial DVD (such as one’s you’ve made yourself) and haven’t saved the original a/v files.  It will extract the entire contents or only part of it and can create screenshots.


• It manages all drives / DVD drives internal and external if they are connected with SCSI, USB, FireWire, and mounted disk images,
• It displays a hierarchical view of the film components (tracks and menus, chapters, scenes, objects and cells),
• It displays the time indications if they are present (and allow the selection of their list)
• It displays a preview image (recordable)
• it can record movies in an image file, extract the separate streams, or VOB

OS: Mac only