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How Do I Record Audio Using Quicktime Pro

Created by: Lucas Zavala '13 [updated 2014-08-02]

1. Open Quicktime.

2. Connect the microphone to the computer (unless you are using the built-in computer mic). 

3. Select File > New Audio Recording.

4. CLICK the red button to begin recording.

5. The red button becomes a stop button once you start recording. Click on the STOP button to end recording.  Your recording is saved to the desktop as "Untitled “ in .m4a file format. Click on the PLAY button to review.

An .m4a file (Apple MPEG-4audi) will playback in iTunes. If you want to convert it to another format, See: "How to convert MP3 to AIFF or ACC using iTunes" The directions are the same for converting .m4a

6. Be sure to rename your file with your own file name. Enter the new name in the "Export As" field in the window that appears when you CLICK Save.