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How to Convert Audio Formats using iTunes

Created by:Dean Wang '13 [updated 2014-07-25]

This tutorial covers converting MP3 audio files to AIFF or ACC format. However, converting AIFF to MP3 or ACC can be done using these same steps by choosing the desired audio conversion format after clicking "Import Settings." See directions below.

1. Open iTunes. From the iTunes menu, select Preferences.

2. Click on General > Import Settings.

3. In the Import Settings popup, select the desired format encoder. If encoding from MP3 to AIFF, select the AIFF encoder. If you choose AIFF the Settings are automatic. Click OK to apply your settings.

If encoding from MP3 to AAC choose the the desired Setting (iTunes Plus, etc). Click OK to apply your settings.

If you're converting from AIFF to another format select that format from the pull down list next to "Import Using" and choose the appropriate Setting. Click OK to apply your settings.

4. Select the file to be converted into the desired format. Either Right-click on the track and select "Create [Format] Version,"

OR in the iTunes Menu go to File > Create New Version > Create [Format] Version.

In either case, the converted file will appear in the iTunes library alongside the original.