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What is

Created by: Federico Torre ‘12

WebSpace is a web-accessible file storage service provided by OIT. With 5GB of storage allocated to each user account, WebSpace allows simple and secure access (uploads, downloads, etc.) to your files from any computer on the Internet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. You can also use WebDAV technology to access your WebSpace folders, allowing you to drag and drop files to your WebSpace folders.

To create your account, go to and log in using your Princeton NetID and password. You can begin working immediately with your private folder, which you can use to store and share your files. Once you have created your account, you can continue to work with WebSpace via your web browser or your preferred WebDAV client, see the knowledgebase entry on how to connect to WebSpace.

WebSpace is one of several collaboration tools offered by OIT. It allows users to collaborate with one another by providing a mechanism for transferring and sharing files that is safer and easier than using e-mail attachments or exchanging physical media. Because it is so easy to share files, even with people who do not have a Princeton NetID, WebSpace is ideal for collaboration.
* Students can securely share their draft documents with classmates and faculty.
* Faculty can securely share research materials with colleagues either within or external to Princeton.
* File-level access control, versioning, tagging, descriptive metadata, and full-text search capabilities are among the
additional features that help you find and manage your files and collaborate with your colleagues.
* Automated notifications can alert you when files are updated by your colleagues.
* RSS support can accelerate your publication and review processes.

Blackboard Integration
There are two tools to facilitate sharing WebSpace files within Blackboard. One creates a link within your Blackboard site content areas to a file or folder in WebSpace; the other creates a shared drop box in which students can deposit files and view files submitted by their classmates. For more information, see the BlackBoard FAQ.