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DVD Studio Pro, 1 Track & No Menu

1. Set Up your workspace: In the DVD Studio Pro main menu go to <Windows> <Configuration> <Advanced> there will be 6 smaller windows, clockwise from upper left: Graphical/Outline; Viewer; Palette; Inspector; Track/Chapter timeline; Assets/Log.

2. In the Assets window click <Import> and a Finder window will open to your project folder, select the MPEG-2 and audio files; you can select them both using the <Shift.> key.
3. Then drag the MPEG-2 and audio files over to the appropriate Video (V1) and Audio (Stereo: A1, A2) fields in the Track/Chapter timeline window.
4. In the Graphical/Outline window (outline gives you “tree” data layout)
a. In Outline click on DVD icon,
b. In lower right hand corner, in Disc window pull-down menu, under “First play” field choose “Track” [Under “Disc” window “First Play” field choose “Tracks and Stories” then choose “Track 1”]
c. Change DVD title in “Name” field (if change title first, will switch back to “Untitled” after you choose “Track”)
d. Click <Simulate> in main menu (header menu bar), to see the real time playback in Viewer window
e. Close Simulator window to access <Burn> command.
5. Click <Burn> and insert DVD, if want to create multiple DVDs use the DVD Duplicator; much shorter processing time than burning individual DVDs with DVD Studio Pro.