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Using an SDHC card - Mac & PC

1) Insert the card into the card reader connected to your computer (unless you have an internal card reader).

2) Double-click the drive icon that appears on your desktop.

3) The video file(s) may be located in one of two different directory structures.

A) SD_VIDEO -> PRG001.  Filename = MOV001 , MOV002

B) PRIVATE -> AVCHD -> BDMV -> STREAM  Filename = 00000.MTS, 00001.MTS

4) Click on the latest MOV or MTS file(s) and copy them to your desktop.

Once copied, delete these files from the card.  Empty the trash.

5) Download and install VLC Media player.

6) Open VLC Player, select File -> Open File and locate your file to play. If the video looks "squished", go to the Video menu and select Aspect Ration. Select the 16:9 option.