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Using Compressor for DVD's

1. In Final Cut Pro:
Render the project: From the Sequence Pull-down menu choose <Render All> and then Save.
2. In the File menu, choose Send To --> Compressor. The Compressor program will start & open with 5 panels.

You’ll only be concerned with 2 windows:
a. The Untitled window on the upper left-hand side that has a smaller Sequence window showing the text: “Drag Settings and Destinations Here”
b. The Settings window where you’ll choose the Compressor format for your video and audio files for importing into DVD Pro. These you’ll drag into the box listed in (a).
i. For shorter works you’ll usually choose these video settings:
<DVD: Best Quality 90 minutes>
<MPEG-2 6.2Mbps 2-pass>
<Dolby Digital Professional 2.0>

3. Drag the above settings [<MPEG-2 6.2Mbps 2-pass> and <Dolby Digital> to the “Sequence” box in the “Untitled Window” above.
4. Red “Stop” signs with exclamation marks will appear in the fields for the formats.
5. <Right-Click> on the Sequence 1 box. A pull-down menu will appear choose:
a. <Destination>
• Create a folder for the Compressor files for the project, within your FCP project folder.
• Name the file and save it in the folder you created.
6. The text in the “Sequence 1” box fields should be black. Click <Submit>.
7. You’ll notice once you dragged format values to the Sequence window that the Inspector window to the right of the Settings window now has descriptive information (or specs) listed under the headings “Sequence 1” , “Video” and “Audio” specific to your project (including duration, pixel aspect ratio, frame rate, and audio bit rate). The Preview window will also allow you to playback your project in real-time.
8. After you click <Submit> the “History” window (below the “Preview” window and to the right of the “Inspector” window) will show the Compressor process time remaining.