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How to use VMware Fusion (aka Windows on a Mac)

Created by: Rebecca Butler ‘10

  If you want to run a program that only works on the Windows operating system, then you want to use VMware Fusion.  If you’re in the NMC because you want to use ARCMap but don’t like the GIS library’s hours, then VMware Fusion is for you.

With some help, Macs can run nearly any program.  Many of the campus Macs allow you to choose at login whether you would like to run the Mac OS or Windows.  VMware Fusion, however, is different.  VMware Fusion takes away the need to decide whether you want to use the Mac operating system OR Windows.  Instead, VMware opens up just like any other application and you can simultaneously work
in the Mac and Windows environments.  The Mac operating system is the default for the computer, but within the application VMware Fusion you can run any installed Windows-friendly program.

1. Look at the dock (the long bar of application icons at the bottom or side of the screen).

Find the icon that has a linked red square and blue square.  Click on it.

The application VMware fusion should open. The Vista background should be familiar. Find the application you’re looking for. It’s that simple!