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Scanning using the CanoScan 8800F: Film

Created by: Sarah Ferguson '10 [updated 2014-12-16]

1. Make sure the scanner is on:  The ON/OFF button should be lit blue. Open MP Navigator EX from the Desktop.

2. Make sure you are in the Professional window, not the 1-Click version of the software. CHOOSE Film.

3. In the Procedure window, make sure "Use the scanner driver" is checked. Place the film item to be scanned in the appropriate film guide (35mm negative/positive, 35mm negative/positive mounted slides, 120 roll film strip). CLICK "Open Scanner Driver"

4. A “ScanGear” window will open. Under the "Advanced Mode" tab, CHOOSE you settings for "Select Source," "Film Size," and "Color Mode." Also indicate your "Output Resolution" (dpi). You can set the "Exposure/Tone Settings" after getting a preview scan. Click PREVIEW. 

5. If you're satisfied with the Preview, click SCAN. Don't open the document cover.

6. Upon completion of the scan you'll be prompted to either Continue Scanning or Retouch, Edit, and Save your image. Chose Save to continue scanning.

If you Edit and/or Save your scan, click EXIT. Then you can use the controls in the upper menu to retouch your film (however Adobe Photoshop may provide better editing options). Click SAVE.

7. CHOOSE your "Save To" location, and file type (format).

Please note: files are regularly deleted from the Desktop. We suggest you save to an external drive, or only temporarily on the computer then transfer them to another storage option.

From the saved location you can access the file and open it in Adobe Photoshop for desired editing.