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How to print from Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat

Created by: Joshua Hoskins '11 [updated 2015-03-03]

PLEASE NOTE: (2/26/2015) printing from Photoshop using NMC Macs is unavailable pending a Xerox Driver update for OSX Yosemite. Here are two options:

• Printing color images from a Mac using Adobe Acrobat.

1. Open your file using Acrobat.
If the file appears greyed out, change the "Show" setting in the Finder window

2. In Acrobat: File > Print >


3. In the Print Dialog box
Click Page Setup. You'll see a Acrobat Print Dialog box, click "OK"

If your page dimensions are incorrect, choose between "8.5 x 11" (letter) and "11 x 17" (Tabloid) and between "Portrait" and "Landscape." Click "OK"

4. Click on the "Printer" button to set up the Printer feed.


Choose the correct Print tray:
For regular 8.5 x 11 paper: choose Tray 2
For 11 x 17 paper, and all other types of 8.5 x 11 paper choose Tray 1(MPT: Manual Paper Tray), this requires use of the paper feeder on the side of the printer.

5. Have an NMC Staffer enter the correct print settings into the Printer's control panel. Click "Print"

• Printing color images from a PC using Adobe Photoshop. UPDATE FORTHCOMING.

1. In the Photoshop menu go to File > Print. Select “NMC Color Printer.”

2. Select the desired page orientation (portrait or landscape) from alongside the Page Setup button. Click page setup and ensure you have the correct paper size.

3. You may wish to scale the picture to fit media. Do this by clicking the checkbox right in the middle of the print dialog.  

4. Ask an NMC Staffer input the correct setting into the Printer's control panel.

5. Click “print…”