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Adobe Premiere Playback Issue

Created by NMC Staff [Updated 2014-07-10]

On the MAC, Adobe Premiere will occasionally only play short bits of video.  To address this issue:
1) Close the application.

2) Access the computer's Library Preferences
Option 1:
    a) In Finder menu: Go > Home or Go > Computer 
    b) Open Library folder, then click on Preferences folder, then click on Audio folder:
        Library > Preferences > Audio
    c) See #3

Option 2:
    a) In Finder > Go > Go to Folder...
    b) In the pop-up window field type: ~/Library > Go
    c) In Library window click Preferences. In Preferences Spotlight type "Audio"
    d) adjacent to "Search" field, click on Preferences
    e) On the Desktop open the Main Drive (not "Large-Drive") > Library > Preferences > Audio
    f) See #3

3) Remove (place in Trash):

4) If Premier Pro playback still isn't working, also remove:

5) Restart Premiere. The above should resolve your playback issues.