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How to add chaptering in Final Cut Pro.

Created by: Ruth Metzel ‘10 [updated 2014-07-24]

1. Chapter Markers

To add a chapter maker in Final Cut ( assuming your project is already open) simply move the playhead to the point where you’d like to add a chapter break. Press the “M” key twice. You should see a box like the one below.

2. Name & Add Chapter Marker

Name your chapter and click the “Add Chapter Marker” button. <CHAPTER> appears in the “Comment:” field. Press OK and you’re done. You should be able to see your chapter marker at the top of your timeline by the neon green flag.

Remember that you must leave a minimum of 15 frames between each chapter marker.

3. Editing Chapter Markers

Even after you have set your chapter markers you can revisit any marker and change the name or even delete the chapter marker if necessary.

Shift-M will move you forward in the timeline from marker to marker.

Option-M will move you backwards in the timeline from marker to marker.

Shift-Up arrow or Shift-Down arrow allows you to navigate markers.

Re-opening Chapter Markers: Once your playhead is parked on a marker, click the "M" key once to reopen the edit marker dialog box where you can change the chapter marker name, or delete the chapter marker.