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How to add chaptering in Final Cut Pro.

Created by: Ruth Metzel ‘10


To add a chapter maker in Final Cut, assuming your project is alraedy open, simply move the playhead to the point where you’d like to add a chapter break, press “M” key twice. You should see a box like this.


Name your chapter and click the “Add Chapter Marker” button. <CHAPTER> appears in the “Comment:” field. Press OK and you’re done. You should be able to see your chapter marker at the top of your timeline by the neon green flag.

Remember that you must leave a minimum of 15 frames between each chap- ter marker.


Even after you have set your chapter markers you canrevisit any marker and change the name or even delete the chapter marker if necessary. Using [Shift] [M] will move you forward in the timeline from marker to marker. [Option] [M] will move you backwards in the timeline from marker to marker. You can also use the [Shift] [Up arrow] or [Down arrow] to navigate markers. Once your playhead is parked on a marker, click the [M] key once to reopen the edit marker dialog box where you can change the chapter marker name or delete the chapter marker.