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How to export from iMovie to DVD

Created by: Liyue Deng ‘10 [updated 2014-07-24]

1. Insert a blank DVD-R into the computer’s DVD drive Open iMovie


2. In iMovie Library select video you want to export and burn as Digital Video DVD


3. To select it, drag the cursor across the portion of video that will be burned on DVD, or hit Ctrl+A to select entire video.

4. Go to File > Share > File or click on “Share” in the menu bar and select “File” in the pop-up window, review the information in pop-up window and select "Next," then name and save the file.

5. Open Toast Titanium, select "Video," and the output format (DVD-Video), and click "Finish". Drag your iMovie video file into the drop and drag Toast window. Click the red "Burn" button.

6. Toast Titanium will take a while to burn your video; it actually may take the time duration of the video. Don't eject the video until the Toast pop-up window show the toaster with the message "Your disc is ready".