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How to rip a DVD with HandBrake & import to FinalCut Pro

Created by: Federico Torre ‘12

1.Insert the DVD and open Handbrake (looks like a Pineapple).

2.Click “Source” on the top left. Navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder in the DVD and click “Open”.

Handbrake will auto- matically search for DVD video contents and choose larg- est file (usually the main one). If you want a section you can choose it from the Title pull-down menu.



3. Once open you can configure the settings. Destination is the path and file name it will be given.

Format allows user to choose the video format – not very important since we will need to convert it before importing anyways. More advanced options are offered for video and audio compression, quality, chapter divisions, etc. These can be left as the default. To begin ripping, click “Start”. Progress will be shown on the bottom of the window.



4. You need to convert the file using MPEG Streamclip. To do so, open up MPEG Streamclip.

Drag the video file into MPEG Streamclip. Click File > Export to QuickTime. Set the Compression setting to “Apple DV/DVCPRO – NTSC”. Drag the quality bar to 100%. Choose the frame size to be “320 x 240 (unscaled)”. Click “Make Movie”. Choose the path and file name and click save.



5. Import into Final Cut Pro. To do so, open Final Cut Pro. Click File > Import > Files. Locate file and click Choose.