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How to Set Up Final Cut Pro (FCP) for NTSC Log Capture

Created by: Dan Li ‘11 [updated 2014-07-10]

Using the menu bar, go to “Final Cut Pro” > “Easy Setup...”

a. Select “NTSC” under Format.
b. Select “DV-NTSC” under Use.
c. Select “(all rates)” under Rate.
d. Click “Setup”

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2. Troubleshooting

- If something isn’t working (tape won’t preview, can’t hear audio, etc), check “Final Cut Pro” > “Audio / Video Settings...”.
- Make sure the video deck is set to output your DV tape as NTSC.
- Try Refreshing A/V devices in Final Cut Pro:
   From FCP Main Menu: View > External Video > Refresh A/V Devices
- If you need to use HD, consult the “How to use a HDV deck” how-to.