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How to create a slideshow using iPhoto.

Created by: Michelle Ripplinger ‘12

1. Import photos into iPhoto (drag the files into iPhoto or connect your digital camera).

Create an Event of the photos that you want in your slideshow. Select the photos you want.



2. Click the Add [+] button in the bottom-left corner of the iPhoto window and then click Slideshow in the dialog box that pops-up.



3. Type a name for your slideshow.

Make sure the “Use selected items in new slideshow” box is selected. Drag photos into the order you want them to appear.



4. After you create a slideshow project, you can add photos to it by dragging them directly from anywhere in your iPhoto library, a CD or DVD, or another location on your hard-drive.

When you add a photo to a slideshow from another location, iPhoto automatically imports it into your photo library.



5. You can choose music, specify the duration for each slide, select transition effects, display slideshow controls and set other options using icons located along the bottom of the iPhoto window.

When you have finished editing your slideshow, export it using the Export icon located on the right-hand side of the iPhoto window.