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How to make quick trims in MPEG Streamclip

Created by: Adrienne Dominguez ‘10 [revised 2015-02-23]

1. Open your video in MPEG Streamclip.

Open MPEG Streamclip.

In the Menu: File < Open Files < select your video file and click "Open"

The video will open in the MPEG Streamclip window

2. Set in and out points using the “I” and “O” keys.

a) Advance the Timeline to your Start point and Click "I"

b) The Timeline subsequent to that point should be darker.

c) Advance the Timeline to your End point and Click "O"

d) The darkened section of your timeline is the resulting trimmed video. Now you need to export it.  Note: If you want to clear the selection and start again Click "X"

3. Select File < Export and export it to the appropriate file type. Only the portion you selected will export.

a) File < Export to QuickTime

b) Choose the Export Settings

c) There are a number of Compression options. Choose H.264 if you want to stream the video online. Choose Apple ProRes 422 if you want to edit it in FCP 7, X or Adobe Premiere.

d) MPEG Streamclip will tend to default to the current Frame Size of your video. You don't need to worry about Interlaced v Deinterlaced video for digital video. Leave the "Frame Rate" blank. Once you've selected your Settings, Click "Make Movie"

e) MPEG Streamclip should export your video in .mov format to the location of your choice. If you need the video to be in WMV (Windows Media Player or Windows Media Video format, see the How to Convert an MOV file to WMV tutorial