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How to import video to PowerPoint (MAC & PC) or Keynote (MAC)

Created by: Lucas Zavala ‘13 [updated 2014-07-08]


1. Open PowerPoint. Select Insert > Movie.

2. Highlight the file you wish to import and click Choose. Powerpoint supports .avi, .mov, and .mp4 (aka mpeg-4 Part 14, .m4a, .m4p) file formats file formats.

Some formats such as .flv, .mp2 and .wmv require extra software for support.

3. PowerPoint will create a video player in your slide (the playback button will be invisible until you roll over the video bar with your cursor).

If you want to set the video to play automatically:

On a Mac using PowerPoint 2011:
- "Format Movie" will be activated and immediately below you'll see "Movie Options" with settings for "Start" and "Playback Options."
- Under "Start" choose "Automatically" to have the video start playing when the slide appears.

On a PC using PowerPoint 2010:
Here's a helpful guide from Windows Office Support for PowerPoint 2010.

On a PC using Powerpoint 2013:
Here's a helpful guide from GCF Note: some people like to embed videos from YouTube, or another provider, in Powerpoint. The video file won't actually be a part of your PPT file, or download to your machine, and will require a dedicated internet connection for playback. According to GCF, and our recent experience, playback of these videos can be problematic. It's better to either insert the video into the PPT file or, if you have dedicated internet, access the video from a link.


1. Open Keynote. Select Insert > Choose.

2. Highlight the file you wish to import and click Insert. Keynote supports “.mov, .mpg4, .mp3”.

3. To create the playback settings:

Click on "Movie" in the right panel (if you don't see the "Movie" box, click on the slide with the video.

Start movie on click: check the "start movie on click" box. The movie will start once you've clicked inside the slide, or hit the space bar.

Start movie with the slide: uncheck the "start movie on click" box. The movie will start when the slide appears.