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Media Prices

The NMC only accepts departmental account numbers, PUIDs, and checks as payment.

Color Laser Printing




Xerox Phaser Customer supplied paper - Letter $0.75/page
Customer supplied paper - Tabloid $1.50/page
20 lb. uncoated bond paper - Letter $0.75/page
20 lb. uncoated bond paper - Tabloid $1.50/page
32 lb. uncoated text paper - Letter $0.75/page
32 lb. uncoated text paper - Tabloid $1.50/page
80 lb. cover paper - Letter
(uncoated, coated matte, coated glossy)
80 lb. cover paper - Tabloid
(uncoated, coated matte, coated glossy)
80 lb. coated super glossy cover paper - Letter $1.50/page
80 lb. coated super glossy cover paper - Tabloid $2.50/page
Transparency Film - Letter $1.75/page

Optical Media





CDR & envelope (700 MB) $0.75 ea.


DVD-R & envelope (4.7 GB) $1.50 ea.
Microboards Disc Duplicator CDR Mass Duplication Session Surcharge (unless you do it yourself) $10.00 per session
+ media
DVD-R Mass Duplication Session Surcharge $20.00 per session
+ media
Bravo Optical Media Printer CDR/DVD-R Optical Media Printer Surcharge $2.00 per disc
 TDK Mini-DV Tape TDK 60 minute Mini-DV Tape $5.00 ea.

Limitations on Media & Printing Sales

Transparency, disk, and CD media are stocked by the New Media Center in anticipation of casual demand by our customers. Requests for excessive numbers of transparencies, disks, or CDs by any group or individual may be denied if satisfying that request will deplete our stock and thereby render us unable to satisfy the requests of others.

Mass print jobs should be taken to a commerical printer or to the Office of Printing and Mailing, located at the James Forrestal Campus, B-Site, on Route 1.

NMC manager approval is required by anyone desiring to purchase more than the following limits:

  • 10 CD-Rs
  • 5 DVD-Rs
  • 2 sessions on the CD-R Mass Duplicator
  • 1 session on the DVD-R Mass Duplicator
  • 10 CD-R/DVD-R prints on the optical media printer
  • 2 Mini-DV tapes
  • 30 color letter-size pages
  • 20 color tabloid-size pages
  • 30 color transparency pages

*Remember to add 7% NJ Sales Tax to CDR cost, DVD-R cost, and Label Printing cost when customer pays by personal check or student account.