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Seniors '16


Pelin Asa 

I’m pursuing the civil engineering and architecture program, however there was a point in my life when I wanted to become a filmmaker, so I’m also quite acquainted with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Having taken many film classes and made films myself I would love to help if you have questions about filming, equipment or the film itself too. As I’m a sophomore I had just started learning Rhino and AutoCAD last year in the architecture courses, but I will need to become well-versed with them very quickly, so feel free to ask me if you have questions about CAD— so that I can also learn about it.


Eddie Chen

I'm Eddie, a senior from Computer Science Department (BSE). I love photography and all things related to photo-taking, and I can help you with Lightroom/Aperture/iPhoto/Photoshop and answer your hardware related questions!


Ella Cheng

I'm a Woodrow Wilson major who enjoys experimenting with and learning graphic design, video editing and basic coding in my spare time. I am proficient in Microsoft Office, Photoshop and R, and have some working experience with iMovie and inDesign.


Rediet Desta


Manali Gokhale

I'm a senior in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department. I am most experienced in Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Final Cut Pro, though I'm happy to try and help with any kind of technical issue. In my free time, I like to enjoy the outdoors or relax with a good book.


Ghassen Jerfel


Sylvia Okafor

My name is Sylvia, and I am an ORFE major in the class of 2016. I am proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, and Audacity. I also have experience coding (since I am getting a COS certificate) and can switch fluidly between Macs and Windows. Additionally, I work in the Princeton OIT department, so I am fairly experienced in troubleshooting tech and hardware issues. I love technology and software, and I hope to learn as much as I can about media software/hardware while working at the NMC! 


Juniors '17


Allie Burton


Olutola Ebunlomo

My name is Tola and I'm a sophomore Woodrow Wilson major and premed. I am proficient with most Microsoft Office programs: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. I love creative projects and can generally help with Adobe Photoshop. I've also had some experience with iMovie  and R and look forward to helping as best as I can!


Matt Wie

I'm a lover, dreamer, and an artist. I love music (I'm a rapper-songwriter) and love using softwares related to music. This includes Garageband, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. If you have questions about recording your vocals, you're right, you may find me and ask me! I also have experience in video production softwares, such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro. I also know how to burn a CD, preferably medium-well. If you have time, check out my Youtube channel (on which are my musical/visual products of using various softwares)!

Thank you. May God bless you, always,  Peace and love.


Susanna Yu

My name is Susanna and I am a junior in the ORFE department. I can use Microsoft Office, Java, MatLab, R, and Adobe Photoshop. Let me know if you need help!

Sophomores '18


Barak Nehoran

I am an engineering sophomore at Princeton interested in several topics that range from computer science and physics to history and music. I am experienced with various office suites [MS Office, Google Drive, Open Office]; audio/video editors [Audacity, Windows Live Movie Maker]; CAD and rendering software [PTC Creo, Trimble SketchUp, Indigo Renderer]; computer science IDEs [Eclipse]; music notation software [Noteflight, MuseScore]; and engineering/math software [MATLAB, Mathematica, MS Mathematics]. Feel free to ask me for help or tips with any of these or other questions you may have.


Tom Robbins

I'm a sophomore majoring in physics.  I've had experience using adobe tools for audio, video, and graphic production, along with Final Cut Pro, Audacity, and many DAW's.  I work primarily on Macintosh, but I have experience with Windows as well.  Feel free to ask me any oddball questions too, I might be able to help!


Agustin Zavala

Freshmen '19