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Principal Investigator
photo of Dr. Nicholas Turk-Browne
Dr. Nicholas Turk-Browne
Click here for my CV.
Post-Doctoral Researchers
photo of Dr. Mariam Aly
B.Sc. Psychology, University of Toronto, 2008
Ph.D. Psychology, University of California, Davis, 2013

Research Interests: How hippocampal computations and representations jointly support perception and memory; whether attention acts to modify the stability of these representations; and how the hippocampus interacts with cortical regions in the service of perception and memory.
photo of Dr. Vikranth Rao Bejjanki
B.S. Comp. Engin.; B.A. Cog. Sci., SUNY Buffalo, 2004
Ph.D. Brain and Cog. Sci., University of Rochester, 2010

Research Interests: Learning and inference as computational strategies for dealing with uncertainty.
photo of Dr. Nicholas Hindy
B.A. Psychology, Cornell University, 2007
Ph.D. Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 2012

Research Interests: How the brain learns to predict visual consequences of actions.
photo of Dr. J. Benjamin Hutchinson
B.A. Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 2004
Ph.D. Psychology, Stanford University, 2011

Research Interests: How attention influences, and is influenced by, multiple memory systems throughout the brain.
photo of Anna Schapiro
B.S. Symbolic Systems, Stanford University, 2009
Ph.D. Psychology, Princeton University, 2014

Research Interests: How neural representations of objects change based on their temporal and visual relationships, and how regions of the medial temporal lobe and ventral temporal lobe might interact to support these changes.
Other Lab Affiliations: Botvinick lab, Norman lab
Graduate Students
photo of Natalia Córdova
Natalia Córdova
B.S. Mathematics, University of Puerto Rico, 2007
M.S. Mathematics, Colorado State University, 2009

Research Interests: Representations in the medial temporal lobe, its role in perception and memory, and how its activity is modulated by attention.
photo of Megan deBettencourt
B.S. Applied Mathematics, Columbia University, 2010

Research Interests: Plasticity of higher cognitive functions, functional connectivity.
Other Lab Affiliations: Norman lab, Hasson lab
photo of Cameron Ellis
Cameron Ellis
B.S. Psychology, University of Canterbury, 2012

Research Interests: Understanding how we utilize feature spaces and compression strategies to efficiently become aware of the world.
photo of Judy Fan
A.B. Neurobiology, Harvard College, 2010

Research Interests: Modeling learning and remembering as creative processes, out of which new robust representations emerge that may be leveraged toward understanding novel things. Bridging dualities; especially making sense of the convergent and generative aspects of human memory and conceptual understanding.
photo of Ghootae Kim
Ghootae Kim
M.A. Psychology, Yonsei University, 2010

Research Interests: How prior experience modulates ongoing perceptual processing.
photo of Victoria Jackson-Hanen
Victoria Jackson-Hanen
B.A. Psychology, Columbia University, 2012

Research Interests: The cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the formation of novel visual representations, and brain plasticity for such representations as a function of neurofeedback.
Other Lab Affiliations: Norman lab
Lab Manager
photo of Victoria Jackson-Hanen
Nate Wilson
B.A. Neuroscience, Colorado College, 2013

Undergraduate Students
Faith Konigbagbe

Felicia Ng

Sarah Pak

Matt Rogers

Morgan Taylor
Dr. Naseem Al-Aidroos
Post-Doctoral Researcher 2010-2011
Now: Assistant Professor at the University of Guelph

Chris Kelly
Undergraduate Student 2010-2011

Lauren Kustner
Undergraduate Student 2010-2011
Now: Ontologist at Revelytix, Inc.

Adelle Lykes
Undergraduate Student 2010-2011

Ryan McKendrick
Research Assistant 2009-2010
Now: Graduate Student, George Mason University

Yael Nachajon
Undergraduate Student 2010-2011

Felicia Ng
Undergraduate Student 2013-2014

Nhi Ngo
Research Assistant 2010-2011
Now: Graduate Student, Brandeis University

Lucia Perasso
Undergraduate Student 2013-2014

Jen Rawding
Research Assistant 2013-2014

Mason Simon
Lab Manager 2009-2010

Alexa Tompary
Lab Manager 2010-2012
Now: Graduate Student, New York University

Dr. Sara Verosky
Graduate Student 2009-2012
Now: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Harvard University

Lisa Yankowitz
Undergraduate Student 2010-2013

Dr. Jiaying Zhao
Graduate Student 2009-2013
Now: Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia
Photo Gallery
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