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Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

In 2010, the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Disability Services for Undergraduates was formed by the Provost and charged to: assess the progress made by the Office of Disabilities Services during the five years since its formation; ensure that University practices and procedures regarding accommodations are consistent with best practices and the relevant legal standards; provide advice to the Provost regarding any challenges or concerns; and develop recommendations for improving delivery of disability-related services.   The Committee made its report in February 2011. The report was reviewed and endorsed by the University’s Academic Planning Group and the Institutional Equity Planning Group. In accepting the report, Provost Christopher L. Eisgruber stated:

“Rarely do I receive a committee report that I can implement so rapidly, so thoroughly, and with so much enthusiasm. I am grateful to the committee for the thoughtfulness and care with which it did its work. The University and our students will benefit for years to come.” 
Implementation of the recommendations is proceeding rapidly under the leadership of the Office of Disabilities Services and the Office of the Dean of the College.