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OIT Core Values

The staff of OIT committed to a set of core values that guides our behavior internally and in the University community.

We strive to provide excellent service to the University community. We value professionalism, communication, respect, and integrity and we commit ourselves to:


We aim for excellence in everything we do. We endeavor to exceed the expectations of our customers and colleagues. We recognize exceptional performance.


We are committed to the professional development and personal growth of our members. We encourage collaboration and take advantage of learning opportunities.


We value the opinions of all stakeholders and give fair consideration to their perspectives.
We listen and learn from each other, as good ideas can come from anyone.


We disseminate accurate information in a timely manner. We promptly share decisions with
those affected by them.


We strive for inclusive processes and to reach decisions by consensus when appropriate.
We are responsible for staying involved and informed.

Show Respect

We are honest, responsible, reliable, thoughtful, responsive, and well mannered.
We act with integrity.


We foster an environment where creativity, diverse ideas, humor, and fun are encouraged. We enjoy what we do and celebrate our successes.