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Princeton CrashPlan – easy and secure backup for your data


‘Princeton CrashPlan’ file backup service is coming to campus and will start making an appearance in departments April 2014. The service is especially for faculty and staff and is used to back up files on laptops and desktops---mobile device backups are coming soon!  

The new backup service is a cloud-based solution that offers the most robust features in backup service today, including:

Princeton CrashPlan backup service

  • Frequent backup – information is backed up on a regular schedule throughout the day (even if you're logged off, but of course your computer needs to be on). No more having to revert back to a last saved version of a file that is, at best, a day old.
  • Self-service restores anytime, anywhere, on any device – log in to your backup account from any browser to restore your files. Or, download ‘CrashPlan PROe’ from your mobile app store and use your mobile device.
  • Security in the cloud – Princeton’s data is backed up to data centers in the US that comply with strict security standards for cloud backup and use an industry-standard and robust encryption process.

Princeton CrashPlan is being offered at no charge to departments and replaces TSM, the current backup service on campus. If you have a laptop or desktop that currently uses the TSM service, it will be switched over to the new service by the end of the summer. Moves to the Princeton CrashPlan service will be handled by department and coordinated through departmental technical contacts and managers.

Moving forward, all new requests for file backup service for desktop and laptop computers will be set up to use the new Princeton CrashPlan back up service.

For more information about Princeton CrashPlan, see

Members of the Princeton community interested in CrashPlan accounts for their personal use are eligible for a special discount rate. See for details and to sign up.

If you have questions or need assistance, the OIT Support and Operations Center (SOC) is happy to help you. Call 609-258-HELP (option 1) to speak with a consultant, or send email to