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New 'Collaboration & Conferencing Technologies' website helps navigate available tools

Whether teaching or project managing, collaboration tools can help!

Collaboration and Conferencing Tools at Princeton
Collaboration and Conferencing Continuum (click for PDF)

Be it a group course project or a business initiative, collaborative projects usually require organization, resource sharing, and meetings. Busy schedules and multiple locations can make this challenging, but there are many services that can enhance your work and OIT is taking measures to help you to learn about and seek assistance with them with its new Collaboration & Conferencing Technologies website at The website describes typical collaborative scenarios along with suggested tools and explanations of their features and best practices.

Many of us are already using email and calendars to communicate and share files. While easy, you may wish to consider using SharePoint or Google Drive to create an online workspace where your team may place and edit documents, maintain conversations and track project progress. In addition to holding your important files, you may also want to build in workflow that would allow you to track editing, require approvals, etc.

Another important element of collaboration is the ability for your team to meet while remaining in different physical locations. There are any number of options available to you, from impromptu chat to easily created "webinars" to high-quality video conferencing. More importantly, there is support available to help you to determine the best technology for your project.

Please visit the collaboration website to place a request for assistance in getting started. We look forward to collaborating with you!