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New 'Single Sign On-Sign Off' for enterprise business applications

Now, with new PUaccess updates, sign in once and have access to all core University enterprise business applications that are protected by PUaccess.  

PUaccess Log In

Many on campus are no doubt already familiar with PUaccess through their use of the PeopleSoft Human Resources and Student application to enroll in benefits or courses.  It was the first system on campus to take advantage of the enhanced security offered through PUaccess and Enhanced Security Profiles, which include a strong password, an anti-phishing image and phrase, and security questions. Now, and with the recent rollout of Prime, the list of core University enterprise systems protected by PUaccess has grown to include:  

  • PeopleSoft Human Resources and Student
    application (HCM/CS)
  • PeopleSoft Financials
  • Information Warehouse
  • Concur Travel & Expense
  • Marketplace – SciQuest
  • Prime Portal
  • Labor Accounting (beginning July 23)
  • eShipGlobal

And, the list will continue to grow as even more applications are protected by PUaccess.   

The new 'single sign on/single sign off' security feature allows you to log into more than one of these systems without your having to reenter your login credentials.  When logging out, this feature also gives you the option to log out of a single application or log out of all of the systems that are protected by PUaccess that you are logged into. As before, when logging out, it is strongly recommended that you close your browser after log out.

For more information about PUaccess and Enhanced Security Profiles, see:

PUaccess: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (KB 9960)

PUaccess: Documentation and support (KB 9967)

PUaccess: How to set your Enhanced Security Profile (ESP) (KB 9929)

If you have questions about PUaccess or need assistance, the OIT Support and Operations Center (SOC) is happy to help you. To reach a SOC consultant, call 609-258-HELP (option 1), email, or live chat from the OIT website at