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IT Unconference 2018 - June 14 - Save the date!

“An opportunity to network and exchange ideas with my colleagues.” -- Shelly Szwast

“I learned so much—well worth the day!”  --F&T Staff Member

This is what attendees said of the third IT Unconference held on June 8.  More than 100 information technology professionals from across the University (and for the first time some from outside of the university) gathered at 701 Carnegie Center to share in the experience of a conference without a program, without an agenda, and likely very different from any other they've attended.

For attendees, the first order of business was to dynamically build the day's agenda of 22 sessions. Attendees proposed sessions by presenting their topic idea to the other attendees. Interest in a topic was indicated by a show of hands. Those that generated enough interest were added to the agenda board. The evolving agenda was available to participants on the IT Unconference website. In an hour, the agenda grew to include What Programming Language Should My Kids Learn?; What Services Should a Company put in the Cloud and Why?; Employee Onboarding and Exit; Pros & Cons of Security Awareness Training; Shaping your Digital Footprint; Agile vs. Traditional Projects; Redesigning a Website; Continuity of Data & Operations for SCAD/DCS; Managing / Tracking Equipment, Supplies, Consumables, Budget / Replacement Cycle; What to do About SPAM? and Client side javascript, and 11 more.

Participants went on to participate in the sessions. Each group chose a facilitator, timekeeper and notetaker for their session. For the last hour of the day, conference attendees gathered once again and learned from oral summaries given by session notetakers. The notes from all sessions are available on the Sessions page of the PU IT UnConference website.

Lightning Talks were also a part of the afternoon, with each presenter giving a five-minute talk on a topic of their choice. Among the talks were:

·       Infrastructure as Code - Why the Buzz by Monkia Mevenkamp
·       10 Cybersecurity Myths by David Sherry
·       Lynda and Me by Matthew Parker
·       UX in Five Minutes:  15 Key Ideas by Charles Kreitzberg.
All lightning talk topics can be viewed on the Lightning Talk page of the PU IT Unconference website.

If you like what you're reading and want to experience the adventure of an IT Unconference yourself, save the date for next year’s unconference; it's already scheduled for June 14, 2018.