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Design thinking 2.0: February 8 @ 6:30pm

You are invited to an event sponsored by the OIT User Experience Office on Thursday evening at 6:30

Topic: Design Thinking 2.0 (Speaker Jason Prunty: Senior Manager, User Experience at Billtrust and adjunct professor Jefferson University)

Event: Joint meeting of the UX Professionals Association and International Institute for Business Analysis

When: Thursday, Feb 8 at 6:30PM

Where: Friend Center 006

Food: Yes. Refreshments will be served.

Cost: Free for Princeton Students, Staff and Faculty.

How to Register:

Design Thinking improves our experiences with technology and is quickly becoming the go-to system for generating ideas. At its most basic, Design Thinking is a continuous conversation with users to iterate on the improvement of your product or system. When done well, this process will produce many ideas--but how do you know how to develop these ideas? Where do these fit within the objectives of your product? One option is to consider the three pillars of what I call the Creative Spectrum, which encompasses Engineering, Design, and Art.

Locating your problems within the Creative Spectrum allows you to harness the most useful aspects of each discipline on the spectrum. Do you need a solution that is logical and repeatable or one that is unique and experiential? By understanding the how new ideas work in relation to the objectives of your project, the Creative Spectrum gives you a fresh tool to focus your Design Thinking process.