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Residential College websites: ready for the new academic year

Web Development Services (WDS) recently completed the final of six residential college websites. Rockefeller College, the most recently launched site, went live in June. The completion of this website commences a multi-year project to redesign all of the residential college websites. The project also included website redesigns for the four-year residential colleges, Butler, Mathey, and Whitman; and the two-year colleges, Wilson and Forbes. 

Each residential college website is unique and reflects, in style and color, the identity of the college it represents.  All of the residential college websites were designed and developed using the University's Roxen content management system. The single web development tool fosters a unified approach to website development and maintenance. 

For more information about the residential colleges and access to the individual sites, see the Residential Colleges web page.

The Rockefeller College website was designed by Lee Lilly, of Web Development Services, in close collaboration with Oliver Avens, Dean of Rockefeller College, and Anne Casewell-Klein, director of Studies.

For more information about the services of WDS, please see For inquires about web development and design services, send e-mail to

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