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Let Gartner's research and analysis guide your IT decisions

Having to make a decision about information technology for your department?  Let Gartner research and analysis inform the choices you make. Princeton faculty, staff, and students have access at no charge to Gartner, a reputed advisory firm that provides information technology research and analysis services that can be arranged through OIT's Technology Consulting Services group. 

The Princeton Gartner website provides the latest in IT news and access to some 150,000+ published reports on IT research from 650 Gartner analysts. Custom technology alerts can be set to send the latest in Gartner research directly to your inbox. Online tools provide insight into technology vendors, products, services, and emerging trends. Magic Quadrants offer vendor and service comparison and indicate the IT leaders, visionaries, challengers, and niche players of a particular market. Hype Cycles illustrate technology trends and evolution and show where a particular technology is along its forecasted course of evolution.

The analyst services available to the Princeton community include telephone consultations and document review for important business documents such as contracts, requests for proposals, and policies. These analyst services are arranged through OIT's Technology Consulting Services group.

Access to Princeton’s Gartner research is available from the OIT website at

To learn more about this and other technology consulting services available at Princeton, please see