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SharePoint 2010 - bells, whistles, and all - is coming!

SharePoint 2010 is coming and with it will be many new features and improvements that users and site administrators, alike, will be excited about. Following are a few feature highlights:

Ribbon navigation. 
A new Office-like ribbon provides context-sensitive menus and easier access to SharePoint features.

Sync to Workspace. 
With SharePoint Workspace, have the flexibility to work offline and publish it later, when it’s convenient or you have access to the Internet. 

Office Web Apps. 
Office Web Apps are new web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access that are available to you from within SharePoint. When you select to view or open a file that’s in SharePoint, the file opens in one of the Office Web Apps. Here, you can edit the file and save it, without leaving SharePoint, so there’s no need to make edits outside of SharePoint and then upload it again. You can be on a PC, Mac, or tablet.

PowerPoint Broadcast Service. 
With PowerPoint Broadcast Service you have the ability to present to anyone, inside or outside of Princeton by streaming your PowerPoint presentation through the SharePoint 2010 site.

SharePoint Designer. 
New Designer features enhance your SharePoint sites.  Use an intuitive interface to add more workflows and customize list forms to suite your needs. 

In additional to these, SharePoint 2010 offers social media functions, improved mobile interfacing, calendar overlays, and improved reporting tools.

Learn more about SharePoint 2010 from a webinar offered through the Princeton University Learning Series (PULSe):

SharePoint 2010: What’s to Love?
August 7, Noon- 1:00 pm

View the "SharePoint 2010: First Look" video tutorial at any time.  It's availabe in the tutorial libary on the PULSe website.  

And, beginning in September, SharePoint 2010 training will be offered through the Employee Learning Center at

The upgrade team is finishing SharePoint 2010 testing and will be contacting current SharePoint site owners over the summer to discuss site upgrades to 2010. Current SharePoint sites will be migrated to SharePoint 2010 from July 2012 to December 2012.  For updates, check the SharePoint Users Group website at

More to come...