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Secure Remote Access: new and most secure way to access campus resources

If you access computing resources from off campus, you'll be interested to know that OIT has recently introduced Secure Remote Access (SRA) as the new remote access service at Princeton. SRA allows the Princeton community to remotely and securely access campus resources.

If you're familiar with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access service, you'll find that SRA is easier to use and offers a higher level of performance. SRA is also more broadly compatible with other networks, which means seamless connections to campus from conferences, hotels, and home networks. If you can access the web from where you are, you can access the University's SRA service. 

Some setup is required. The links below provide instructions for setting up SRA on your computer and mobile devices.  

Windows Linux
Mac OS X Mobile


As always, the OIT Support and Operations Center is ready and happy to assist you with the setup. Call 258-HELP or email

If you currently use VPN to remotely access campus resources, you should begin using the new SRA service. The VPN service is scheduled to be shut down this fall, December 2013 (changed from October 2013).  

Due to the increased security benefits offered through SRA, remote access to the University Financial and reporting systems is controlled through SRA. If you would like more information about protecting your systems with remote access through SRA, send email to