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OpenScholar @ Princeton - online CVs made easy

OpenScholar is a website building and content management tool for professionals in academia. OpenScholar lets you easily create and manage a highly dynamic, powerful, and customizable site, with an easy-to-use interface and a look-and-feel that is uniquely yours. 

Princeton’s installation of OpenScholar offers Princeton faculty members, graduate students, researchers and professional staff an OIT-hosted, centrally managed environment for site building (valid LDAP credentials required). There is no charge for the service. OpenScholar@Princeton currently offers 15 templated designs as a starting point for site creation, each of which can be modified and customized by the end user. Site building in OpenScholar is self-service, managed by scholars or their delegates.

The creation tools in OpenScholar are designed to be easy to use by those with all levels of technical expertise. OpenScholar has an intuitive user interface, where modules can be enabled or disabled according to the needs of the user, and site layout is drag-and-drop. Although the site is built on a Drupal core, the end user only interacts with simple forms to build his or her own site. No knowledge of coding or web development is necessary to build an OpenScholar site.

To request a site in OpenScholar@Princeton, go to, and click the button below the intro movie to request a site. A staff member from the OIT Educational Technology Center (ETC) will get back to you with a link to your new site, and a quick start guide. Once your site is created, you can add administrators and members for your site, and even invite users from outside of Princeton to join or collaborate on your site.

For more information about OpenScholar at Princeton, please contact Janet Temos ( or Ben Johnston ( of the ETC.

More information about the tool OpenScholar is available online.

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