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Archive – January 2007

The Department of Facilities requires an electrical power outage at the main University data center to install new power cables from the data center to an electrical substation. This work is necessary to improve the electrical infrastructure and capacity at the data center. To minimize the impact on the University community, the electrical work has been scheduled for Sunday, February 11, from 12:01 a.m. to noon. Except as detailed below, the campus community should expect central computin
The OIT dial-in remote access services will be discontinued on July 1, 2007. The services were initiated at a time when few alternatives were available. Today, with a wide variety of services being offered both in residences and for travelers, most members of the University community have chosen to use other faster, more inclusive and economical services; it is no longer cost-effective to maintain the OIT dial-in services. All three dial-in services (charged, 806-1000; charged low-speed, 258-
In response to departmental requests to provide more options, OIT now provides three levels of service for web pages, web script applications, and server hosting. The first level, WebScript, is suitable for learning web scripting and can host class and club web pages. The second level, WebLamp, is appropriate for small-scale departmental web sites and applications that can coexist on a shared server. The third level, Dedicated Server Hosting, is a charged service that is b
This month, Microsoft will make available to consumers worldwide their new operating system called Vista, the successor to Windows XP. While this exciting new product will offer several enhancements and features to the Windows computing interface, at this time there are no systems or applications at Princeton that require the use of Vista or Office 2007. Until testing is completed, OIT does not recommend upgrading your Windows operating system to Vista, or your Office suite of applications to
Update 3/5/07 On Sunday, March 4, all Exchange calendars were automatically updated using the Microsoft recommended Daylight Saving Time (DST) correction procedure. Although far from a complete solution it does correct some Outlook calendar entries and does not change any appointments that are already correct. The Exchange server may send updated invitations to meetings. Review any meeting invitations you receive and 'Accept' them to add the appointment(s) to your calendar; if y
Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7, which is available on the Web for download. At this time, OIT is actively exploring the implementation and integration of IE7 at Princeton. Users of non-DeSC Windows machines need to be aware that not all University business applications have been certified with IE7 and, in fact, a small subset of UBAs are known to have incompatibilities. OIT is working to resolve any compliance and performance issues in order to support IE7 in the near future.
Over the past week, there have been a number of attacks attempted on Microsoft Windows computers on campus via the Internet. These attacks are specifically directed toward computers that are running older versions of Symantec AntiVirus. Older versions prior to can permit computer attackers to execute arbitrary malicious code on your computer. Once infected, your computer then becomes an automated "attack-system" looking for other computers to infect. OIT is taking me