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Archive – February 2007

Wednesday February 28 The "Challenge Questions" e-mail received by many today on campus purports to be from the Princeton University Credit Union -- but beware, it is a phishing scam. The "enrollment" link connects to a server in a domain in France, not the Credit Union. OIT's manager of Network Systems has blocked access to the URL from the campus network. However, anyone attempting to link to the URL from outside the campus network still will be able to connect
Due to the change this year in Daylight Saving Time (DST), owners of BlackBerry devices will need to update their firmware. Unless you download a DST patch, your device may not update its internal clock correctly. Follow the steps below. Note that your device will need at least fifteen minutes to reset, so make sure your battery is charged before beginning. If you would like help from a technical support representative, please call your SCAD/DCS staff or the OIT Help Desk at 8-4357.
Last month, Microsoft made available to consumers worldwide the Vista operating system and Microsoft Office 2007 software. These products offer exciting new enhancements and features to the Windows computing interface, and will replace the current University standard of Windows XP and Office 2003. Due to the major changes and impact this will have at Princeton University, OIT has formed a Vista/Office 2007 Implementation and Migration team. At this time, OIT is in the process of testing V
OIT is in the process of evaluating its online question/answer facility in order to design the next generation KnowledgeBase for Princeton's computing community. Your comments regarding ease of navigation and quality of solution content will greatly help this effort. All comments are confidential and the survey is very brief. See to begin.
OIT is pleased to announce that wireless Internet access has been enabled in the Butler Apartments. The University recognizes the value of wireless computing; the work now completed at Hibben-Magie is part of a year-long project to complete a wireless infrastructure across the entire campus. Internet access will also continue to be provided through hard-wired wall box connections in your apartments; in fact, hard-wired access is recommended for intensive computing across the network. If y