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Archive – May 2007

A suite of online tools is available to help graduated students pack their IT property (such as e-mail messages, H: drive files, and blog entries) for archival purposes. Also included is a tool to remove Windows XP computers from the Princeton domain. For details, see All undergraduate Class of 2007 students have been notified that their accounts are scheduled to be closed on October 15. The accounts of graduate students who graduated in 2007 will be closed
OIT has launched a suite of online packup tools to help graduated students "pack up" their intellectual property from OIT servers. Students are able to automatically zip and download their e-mail messages, H: drive files, blog entries, as well as remove their Windows computers from the Princeton domain using an automated script. For more information, see:
The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce that Enabled Voice Mail (EVM) is being made available to all faculty and staff free of charge. EVM converts voice mail messages into audio files and sends them to your Inbox as e-mail attachments. You can then listen to the messages, delete them, forward them, archive them -- as you would with any e-mail. Listening to an EVM message is easy. When you receive an EVM e-mail message, simply click the attachment and the message will play
OIT is pleased to offer two mobile computing solutions to faculty and staff traveling on University business.