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Archive – November 2008

All of us receive e-mail messages that claim to come from OIT or the Credit Union. Such e-mail typically threatens to close our network accounts, delete all our e-mail, or make our Credit Union deposits unavailable -- unless we e-mail our passwords or other personal information. To protect yourself and Princeton, NEVER RESPOND to such e-mail. Princeton departments and organizations will NEVER ask you to e-mail your password. NEVER. These e-mails are a scam, a clever forgery that appears t
OIT is pleased to announce the availability of WebSpace and SharePoint, two new collaborative services designed to facilitate and support the sharing of information and communication of ideas among people working towards a common goal. What is WebSpace? WebSpace is a new online system for storing and sharing files. With 5 gigabytes of available disk space, WebSpace makes it easy to share files with colleagues around the world or around the corner. WebSpace is the appropriate choice