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University security initiatives coming this spring

The University strives to provide the most secure computing environment possible and to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information. Several technology initiatives that will better protect University systems will be launched this spring, including:

New Antivirus Software
The University has negotiated a campus-wide site license with McAfee to replace Symantec for Windows and Macintosh antivirus software. This change will provide the University community an enhanced method of battling computer viruses. The software is free to all faculty, staff and students. For more information, see:

Laptop Data Encryption
To protect against information exposure due to the loss or theft of laptops or other mobile devices, OIT will deploy software that will encrypt all of the information stored on those devices. With such software in place, information on the encrypted device will be unreadable to any individual who has not been explicitly authorized to unlock the system.

Enhanced Login Security
To strengthen our password defense, we will be adopting "bank-like" methods of logging into our core human resource and student record systems, where IDs and new, secure passwords will be supplemented with challenge questions that also must be successfully answered, such as "What was the make of your first car?"

During the spring semester more information will be provided about these services.