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New IT Security website provides policy, procedure guidance

The University IT Security Officer and the Security & Data Protection Group of OIT are pleased to announce the launch of a new Information Technology Security website.

Information security is a vital component of the work that is done in the interest of the University, and the new website has been designed to increase awareness of this important aspect of our IT security infrastructure. We are all responsible for protecting sensitive information that can be captured and used for identity theft, sale of institutional information and research, and many other malicious acts. Both technical and non-technical information is presented in a way that makes this protection easy for us all. Please take time to read the information within and take the steps necessary in your personal and professional lives to strengthen and protect the University information infrastructure.

The IT Security website includes important information about phishing, the fraudulent requests for personal information that seem to arrive regularly. As the site emphasizes: Don't fall for phishing scams. No reputable organization, no Princeton University office, including the OIT Help Desk, will ever ask you to give account, password, or other confidential information like Social Security number or birth date by e-mail or by phone.

For further information, contact the University's IT Security Officer, Anthony Scaturro, at 8-4611 or