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Vista and Leopard operating system upgrade clinics offered to students

Are you interested in upgrading your computer's operating system?

OIT is planning special clinics to help students upgrade their operating systems to Windows Vista or Apple OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Depending on your computer there may be a charge for the new operating system as well as additional memory if needed, but there will be no other charges for the assistance. The clinics will be held at the OIT Solutions Center in Frist, beginning October 28 and ending in November.

If your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements, OIT recommends upgrading to the current version of the operating system for security as well as performance reasons. If you may be interested, please see the Upgrade Clinic Signup Page. You will be asked for basic information about your computer, allowing OIT to provide you with specific details about how we can assist you.

If you have general questions about your computer you may also contact the OIT Help Desk at 609-258-4357.