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Managed Macintosh Environment (MME) now available to departmental Macintosh users

OIT has been working to put more options in place for departmental Macintosh users. If there are Intel Macintosh users in your department who would like to take advantage of a centrally managed computing environment -- similar to that of DeSC for Windows computers -- the information below will be of interest.

The Managed Macintosh Environment (MME) went into production Wednesday, August 13, 2008. Though MME has many of the same policies as DeSC (for example, no administrative access, centralized software distribution,etc.), not all University business applications are certified to be compatible in this environment. Please go to the MME website for more detailed information, including business application incompatibilities, computer setup instructions, and how to schedule OIT assistance.

Hardware Model: iMac Desktop
The current eligible Macintosh model is an Apple Intel iMac desktop, purchased after July 2007, running Mac OS X Leopard (10.5). Macintosh laptops will be added to the program at some time in the future.

Managed Environment Benefits
OIT's decision to establish standard hardware and software desktop environments stems from the goal of streamlining costs associated with application development, software installation, computing support, system administration, and software licensing. OIT will ensure that the new program will be maintained and regularly enhanced to augment and increase the security and integrity of Princeton Macintosh desktop computing as a whole. By choosing the hardware models and a standard software suite, OIT is positioned to negotiate better pricing and maintenance fees, and computing support staff are better able to provide the best possible assistance.

Apple OSX 10.5 and Office 2008 for Mac Training
OIT Training will offer two OS X courses:

  • Intro to Mac (For Windows Users moving to a Mac) - 4 hour class
  • What's Different (For Tiger 10.4 Users upgrading to Leopard 10.5) - 2 hour class
  • The first day that both classes will be offered is scheduled for Thursday, September 18, 2008. To enroll, go to:

Please contact or 8-6034 if you have any questions. For more detailed information, please see: