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Learn how to remotely access your office computer from your home computer!

Have you ever worked on a document in your office, saved it to the desktop, and wished that you could work on it over the weekend from home? Faculty and staff have long wanted to remotely access their office computers from their computers at home, and now they can. Even DeSC machines can be logged into remotely from home.

After an initial set up on your office computer than grants you the authority to remotely log in, you can use software that is built into your Windows computer at home to remotely connect to your campus computer. Macintosh computer users also can use Remote Desktop software to access their Windows computers on campus.

For more information about Windows Remote Desktop Connection and how to "remote desktop" to your office computer, see: Your departmental technical support representative (SCAD/DCS) can help with the configuration settings, or OIT Software Support if your department does not have a tech support person. Contact the OIT Help Desk if you have any questions or need help with this exciting new OIT offering.