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Departmental on-site training available for Microsoft Vista and Office 2007

Is your department planning to migrate to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 in the near future? Did you know that OIT offers on-site training for your group to help them make the transition more smoothly? OIT offers the following migration classes on-site at your department.

  • Introduction to Vista 2007
    It is recommended that you take this class first, as all of the Office 2007 classes will be conducted using this new Microsoft operating system. This hands-on class explores Vista's new features which include the new Start menu and desktop, the sidebar and gadgets feature, new folder and file management tools, and the new Search feature. Class length: 1.5 hours
  • Office 2007: What's New, What's Different
    This hands-on class presents the new "Fluent interface" for Office 2007 and covers new and different features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Participants will get acquainted with the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar, explore new graphics features, and learn the best ways to work with the new file formats while maintaining compatibility with earlier versions of Office. Class length: 2.5 hours
  • Moving up to Outlook 2007
    If you are an Outlook user, it is recommended that you take this class to become familiar with some of the new features in Outlook 2007, including using the Ribbon interface for creating messages and tasks and scheduling appointments. This class provides a hands-on tour of new views and features in Outlook 2007 including the To Do Bar, the updated category feature, the calendar overlay view and One Note linking. Participants will use the new Office 2007 interface to create e-mail, schedule appointments, and manage tasks. Class length: 2 hours

In addition to these migration support classes, OIT will also offer a full curriculum of hands-on Office 2007 classes beginning in February as part of the regular seasonal training schedule. For more information, send e-mail to