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WebEx: Web-based desktop conferencing service from OIT now available

Seeing is believing! Now you can show colleagues your digital presentations, artwork, spreadsheets and data sets right from your computer while they watch and engage from their own desktops.

Software called WebEx has been licensed by the University so that you can conduct and participate in this type of web-based desktop conferencing, commonly referred to as "webinars." WebEx allows a meeting host to invite an unlimited number of attendees to take part in a conference and share any application or content on the attendee workstation computers.

In order to schedule your first meeting, you must register for a WebEx account. There is no charge for the service but conference hosts must provide a project grant number. Please see to learn more about the web-based desktop conferencing service and to register. You will also find information about the University's voice and video conferencing services, which can complement and add additional interactivity to your conferencing options.