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OIT's new Fall 2007 training lineup

Classes are now available for registration at

Training Highlights

  • Introduction to Vista
    Explore Microsoft's new Vista operating system including the new start menu and desktop, new sidebar and gadgets feature, some new folder and file management tools and the new Search feature. Oct. 11, 16, Nov. 1,16,19,26.
  • What's New and Different in Office 2007
    This hands-on class presents the new Fluent interface for Office 2007, and covers new and different features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Oct. 18, Nov. 2,20,26.
  • Learning to Filter and Sort Warehouse Data in Excel
    Learn how to sort, filter, and subtotal Financial data retrieved into Excel from the Information Warehouse.
  • Introduction to the Computer I
    Learn the basics of computing and get more comfortable with the Windows desktop and the Windows operating system. This class will also review accessing and using the Internet and e-mail, understanding various icons, and how to find and run applications.
  • Introduction to the Computer II
    A continuation of Intro to Computers I, this class will concentrate on Email, web browsing and more basics.
  • Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced classes to Web Site Editing in Roxen
    Learn the tools to work with the Roxen Content Management System to easily update web pages created in Roxen.