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University A to Z web page enhanced with new dynamic search field

The Office of Communications and OIT have collaborated to provide users with a new feature on the "A to Z Lists" Web page. The tool turns a regular search field into a dynamic search that begins returning possible "matches" based on the text you type in the field. On the "A to Z Lists" page, simply type the name of a University department into the field and the tool will begin displaying matches from the list of departments. Of course, if you prefer to browse the alphabetical listing, that option is still available from the same "A to Z Lists" page.

Try the new dynamic search tool at:

For the tool to work, your browser needs to have the "Flash" plug-in. The good news is most browsers do have the plug-in. Your browser must also have "javascript" enabled. If the tool does not work the first time you try it, it is likely that one of these pieces is missing. Please call the OIT Help Desk to report the problem and to get help with the settings for your browser.

Feel free to send any feedback about the tool to