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Cell phone coverage on campus extends to Frist lower level

OIT is pleased to announce that further steps have been taken to improve cell phone coverage and quality of service on campus.

In January of 2006, OIT completed Phase 1 of this multi-phased project, which was to improve cell phone reception on campus by installing a new Verizon tower on the rooftop of the New South building. Most recently, Phase 2 has begun, with the goal of improving penetration of reception to indoor locations such the lower levels of buildings on central campus.

Last month OIT used technology to "push" Verizon cell phone service via the campus fiber optic cable system to the B level of the Frist Campus Center. Test results indicate that coverage has been vastly improved throughout the Frist B level as a result of this "targeted" deployment initiative.

In the future, OIT will be exploring this technology in other locations. The next phase of the project is to establish new cell towers on campus, including Cingular and Sprint, by the end of the summer of 2007, as well as improve cellular coverage in other hard to reach locations. This OIT project has proven to be very popular with cell phone users on campus and the response has been very positive.